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Frazier Barnes & Associates Engineering, is a Memphis, TN engineering and consulting firm providing process and industrial mechanical engineering services for national bio-renewable, specialty chemical, industrial and agricultural process clients. With our focus on owner-advocacy and cost-effective energy resourcefulness, we consider not only first cost but long-term life cycle expenditure; providing personal service enhanced by our communication skills allows for maximum project success! 

FBA Engineering professionals provide engineering design services including conceptual design, construction documents, cost estimates, financial and economical analysis, construction administration, plant start-up, process troubleshooting, owner training and process commissioning.  We provide the highest quality engineering services without the unnecessary overhead.

Process Engineering Services

  • Project Development
  •  Design Flow Diagrams
  •  Development of Process Technology
  •  Design Prototype systems for upgrade to Commercial Projects
  •  Prepare Mass and Energy Balance
  •  Design Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
  •  Process Modeling and Simulation
  •  Process & Equipment Design
  •  Specify Process Equipment
  •  Permitting criteria and data
  •  Write RFP for Equipment Purchase
  •  Prepare Process Hazard Analysis
  •  Prepare Process Safety Management
  •  Operations Training on Process and chemical facilities
  •  Technical and Economic feasibility Report
  •  Plant & Equipment Troubleshooting
  •  Energy audit and implementation of recommendation to actual practice
  •  System analysis for pressure drop estimation
  •  Selection of process pumps, blowers, reactors, dryers and centrifuge
  •  Steam and process Valve selection
  •  Design Vacuum Systems, vacuum pumps, ejectors
  •  Critical flow analysis
  •  Rupture disk failure analysis in pressure vessels
  •  Unsteady state flow analysis
  •  Two-phase flow analysis.
  •  Leak-rate estimation for vessels subjected to vacuum
  •  ChemCAD, AutoCADD 3D, Mass Balance software

Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Industrial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems
  •  Process boiler, chiller and mechanical room components
  •  Central energy plants
  •  Large scale industrial cooling towers and pumping systems
  •  Outside air & energy recovery systems
  •  Dust Collection Systems –bag house, ductwork, etc.
  •  Exhaust systems (Process, VAV laboratory, and Industrial)
  •  Energy Analysis, Energy audit, Energy Modeling and implementation of recommendation to actual practice
  •  Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS)
  •  Equipment Procurement
  •  Steam distribution and service
  •  Process piping system design and supports
  •  Process equipment selection and installation
  •  Phase demolition/reconstruction
  •  Building inspection report
  •  Code compliance inspections report
  •  Hazardous area systems design
  •  Start-up & Commissioning
  •  Grain and Material handling systems
  •  Feasibility Reports
  •  Renewable Energy design
  •  Bio-renewable Energy design – Biodiesel and Ethanol
  •  Domestic water systems
  •  Industrial Plumbing systems
  •  Industrial sanitary sewer systems
  •  Laboratory piping systems
  •  Acid, caustic and chemical piping system
  •  Hazardous waste system
  •  Secondary containment piping systems
  •  Compressed air and vacuum systems
  •  Natural gas & fueling systems
  •  Graywater systems and storage for facilities