Ethanol Services

Frazier, Barnes & Associates has always been at the forefront of innovative technologies and ethanol plant optimization strategies. Our economic and operational models have proven to be invaluable resources for the ethanol industry.

The ethanol industry, once one of the fastest growing industries in the world, has been subjected to severe pressure from high price volatility, negative PR campaigns, the elimination of the tax credit, and drought. The industry focus has shifted from rapid expansion to cost competitiveness, GHG reduction and profit maximization.

Industry growth is tempered by economic realities and the political parlaying that keeps corn based ethanol from becoming an “Advanced Biofuel.” The corn-based ethanol industry is one of a very few industries limited by artificial “caps” that prohibit growth above 15 billion gallons.

Ethanol plants can gain considerable knowledge and insight from FBA’s modeling and benchmarking. Our technical team can help troubleshoot issues objectively and professionally, saving both time and money.

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In February 2010 the EPA released new RFS2 Regulations. This affects all renewable fuels and how they are produced. This sets Specific Volume Standards for all Renewable Fuels. Ethanol must now achieve “Significant Reductions of Greenhouse Gas Emissions”.

The process for compliance is time consuming and very complex. FBA has been deeply involved in the evaluation and implementation of the new RFS2 regulations, providing integral support to first and second generation biofuels facilities. We make the complex as simple as possible. We minimize the time requirements to save you money and resources.

Biofuel producers are required, by the EPA RFS2 Regulations (as of February 3, 2010) to be reviewed by a Professional Engineer. The particular requirements are delineated in 40 CFR §80.1450. This requires a site visit by an independent professional engineer, with experience in the chemical engineering field or related to renewable fuel production. FBA offers this service and can help guide you through the EPA regulations. A new addition to FBA’s RFS2 services is a collaborative RIN verification program: RINtrust. Obligated parties are subject to heavy fines from the EPA if found to be in non-compliance with the RFS2 mandate. This occurs when obligated parties use invalid RINs to satisfy their obligations. In an industry where obligated parties are becoming increasingly wary of biofuels producers, RINtrust benefits both the buyers and sellers by objectively verifying the production of RINs.


At the heart of ethanol profitability is the availability and cost of feedstock, whether its corn, bran, stalks, sorghum, barley or switchgrass. Assuring the supply of inexpensive and reliable feedstock for an ethanol facility is a vital concern during the feasibility stage and ultimately plant operations.

FBA has invested countless hours examining feedstock logistics, historical and projected prices for ethanol facilities to determine the trends on a site specific basis. Improved efficiencies at existing biorefineries, new process technologies, commercialization of cellulosic conversion technology, and additional industry consolidation will provide a platform from which this industry can launch and expand into a new, sustainable and renewable fueled era in American history.

 Ethanol services, biofuel consulting, ethanol consulting, feedstock analysis, business plans, feasibility studies, engineering reviews, renewable diesel services experts

Ethanol Services

FBA’s top services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business Plans
  • Market studies and Off-take agreements
  • Feedstock analysis
  • Independent engineering and plant troubleshooting
  • Daily Inventory Management
  • Strong connections to key industry players
  • Potential equity partners and lenders
  • Ability to interface with government agencies
  • RFS2 Registration and Independent Engineering Reviews
  • RIN Verification through RINtrust