About Us

Frazier, Barnes & Associates (FBA) is a Technical and Marketing consulting firm located in Memphis, Tennessee.  FBA provides engineering services to a number of sectors including Agricultural Processing, Renewable Fuels, Pulp & Paper, Food and Chemical industries.  FBA also provides critical feedstock and marketing services to Agricultural, Renewable Fuel, Food and Feed customers. 

FBA was formed in 1996 by agricultural industry professionals who actively participate in the management and growth of the firm.  Our consulting team has over 120 years of experience in oilseed processing and renewable fuels from a technical and marketing perspective.  What separates our firm is a unique blend of engineering, marketing and financial knowledge.   This background of experience and valuable insight is the perfect combination to improve the bottom line for our clients.

FBA has been instrumental in demanding process flexibility, optimization and energy reduction, regardless of the industry.  To meet the needs of the American consumer, and compete in a world market, plants must have maximum process flexibility and efficiency to maximize profits and remain competitive.

After over 20 years, FBA is still an industry leader with a team of professional consultants ready to face the new challenges that await us.  Our strong foundation of industry experience is the key to sustainability and success for our clients.  FBA currently provides a broad spectrum of consulting services for clients that are just starting to some of the largest firms in the world.  From feasibility through plant operations, troubleshooting and optimization, Frazier, Barnes & Associates stands ready to serve its loyal client base.


Our Team

Pete Moss, President of FBA, Biofuels Expert, Marketing Expert, Biofuel Consultant, Business Plans, project development


Pete Moss

Pete is the President and managing partner of Frazier, Barnes & Associates, LLC in Memphis, Tennessee. Pete has 19 years of experience in the Renewable Fuel and Bioenergy Industries in addition to 8 years in the Soybean Processing industry. While with FBA, Pete has consulted on hundreds of bioenergy and biofuels projects. As President, he is responsible for all feasibility studies, regulatory compliance, independent engineering, technical troubleshooting, feedstock procurement assistance and project development services. Mr. Moss oversees site specific RFS and LCFS Due Diligence for select obligated parties. Mr. Moss frequently speaks at national Biofuel conferences and has been an expert witness in biofuel related cases. Pete holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Memphis’ Executive MBA program. Prior to joining FBA, Pete was the Marketing Director for an oilseed processing firm in Arkansas and served as Vice President for First National Bank, also in Arkansas.


Gerald Sherfy, VP of Operations, Biofuels consultant, biodiesel consulting, feedstock research, financial analysis, feasibility studies, biofuels experts

Vice President of Operations

Gerald Sherfy

Over a decade of experience in feasibility analysis and business plans. Mr. Sherfy has provided significant research and analysis for numerous projects and is a specialist in feedstock research and financial analysis. Mr. Sherfy oversees all asset and equipment evaluations for biofuels and agricultural processing facilities. Prior to joining FBA, Mr. Sherfy worked in both the real estate appraisal and commercial finance fields. He received a bachelor's degree in physics and an Executive MBA (masters of business administration) from the University of Memphis.


Patrick Moss, Technical Services Consultant, biofuels consultant, biodiesel consultant, engineering consulting, biodiesel production, CBD oil extraction and processing consulting

Vice President of Engineering

Patrick Moss

A graduate from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Patrick earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Chemistry. He has experience working in several chemical production plants and is knowledgeable in the biodiesel production process. He has an extensive understanding of computer programs, such as Microsoft Excel and CAD software, along with the RFS2 regulations and renewable fuels technologies.


Amanda L Smith, Marketing Assistant, Feedstock procurement, Marketing assistance, Separated Food Waste Plans, feasibility studies, operator training

Marketing Coordinator

Amanda Smith

Ms. Smith coordinates market research and advertising for FBA. She is knowledgeable in the RFS2 regulations, and has worked extensively in helping facilities meet the EPA’s requirements for the Separated Food Waste Plans. She also develops PSM programs, assists on feasibility studies and has experience with developing operator training materials.