Biodiesel/Renewable Diesel

Frazier, Barnes & Associates is an independent consulting firm that has built its reputation one client at a time. As a consulting innovator since 1996, FBA has acquired a wealth of expertise, strategic insight, and technical knowledge targeted toward plant optimization, efficiency and cost savings. Our twenty-plus year history in biodiesel and renewable diesel is unmatched.

Frazier, Barnes & Associates has provided renewable fuel consulting services since 2000, from feasibility analysis to on-site technical support and independent engineering reviews. Our team comprises the most trusted and experienced consultants in the industry. FBA provides critical support services such as feedstock and marketing assistance, technical support, marketing expertise and RFS2 assistance.

RFS2 and Independent Engineering Reviews

The Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS2) set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulates greenhouse gas emissions and sets specific Renewable Fuel Volume Requirements. These requirements are categorized by “D” codes. The process for compliance is time consuming and very complex. Frazier, Barnes & Associates has been deeply involved in the evaluation and implementation of the new RFS2 regulations, providing integral support to first and second generation biofuels facilities. We make the complex as simple as possible and minimize the time requirements to save you money and resources.

Biofuel producers are required, according to the EPA RFS2 Regulations, to be reviewed by a Professional Engineer. The particular requirements are delineated in 40 CFR §80.1450. This requires a site visit by an independent professional engineer, with experience in the chemical engineering field and/or renewable fuel production. FBA offers this service and can help guide you through the EPA regulations.

Independent Engineering and Plant Services

Engineering expertise is unprecedented in a maturing industry like the biodiesel industry. FBA is equipped with many of the most experienced personnel in the biodiesel industry, capable of improving the use of your current technologies or providing assistance in updating your technologies and practices. Our knowledge of biodiesel production technologies can help you gain advantages in an increasingly competitive market.

FBA has developed and implemented low capital cost solutions to improve the biodiesel production process, regardless of the technology utilized. We have developed solutions to cure the "soap" issue and significantly improve cold soak compliance.

The experience we have gained over more than a decade of independent engineering and providing plant services allow us to provide valuable assistance to biodiesel producers around the country.

Feasibility Studies

FBA has conducted hundreds of feasibility studies and business plans for renewable fuel facilities. There are five different categories to evaluate for an acceptable feasibility study. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Economic feasibility

  • Market feasibility

  • Technical feasibility

  • Financial feasibility

  • Management feasibility

Independent feasibility studies for new plants are the most important step you will ever take, not only because they help you make “Go, No-Go” decisions, but comprehensive studies also provide tremendous business insight to prospective plant operators.

Financial Modeling

FBA has evaluated biodiesel facilities since 2000. Our unique knowledge of the feedstock, technical and marketing aspects enable us to develop a financial model that is both accurate and insightful to new and existing plants. Existing plants can gain valuable benchmarking information, making them much more competitive in the marketplace. FBA’s models have been accepted by well-known lending institutions and rating agencies for integrated and stand-alone facilities.

Market Studies and Off-take Agreements

Successful biodiesel marketing is site-specific. The renewable fuel industry competes in a complex, well established fuel industry. Market studies should reflect the opportunities and challenges that exist in the real world, including price, quality and regulatory issues. Understanding the industry and the market participants could make the difference between success and failure in the marketplace. FBA helps producers get the most out of their product and co-product values and links the producer with key strategic partners for long-term success.

At FBA, we provide services to facilitate clarity for investment in your business. We provide in-depth market studies that allow full visibility using up to date information and experience based projections. We also have facilitated several off-take agreements to provide assurance of your product’s sales and returns.

Feedstock Procurement and Analysis

FBA works closely with Biodiesel Services Group (BSG), a feedstock procurement and logistics management firm that provides experienced feedstock procurement services to the biodiesel industry.  From early planning, to execution and follow up, BSG will identify the lowest cost feedstock, develop a feedstock procurement plan, and execute, utilizing the knowledge of procurement experts.

BSG's expertise covers the entire spectrum of biodiesel feedstock procurement. BSG understands the dynamics of the biodiesel industry and the important role that feedstock procurement plays in plant profitability. BSG sets up a complete procurement system tailored to your facility, ultimately training and transitioning to plant employee responsibility.

 BSG provides short and long-term procurement services based on decades of feedstock experience in all virgin oils, fats, oils and greases.

Process Safety Management Program

In the developing industry of biodiesel, it is sometimes difficult to realize the absolute necessity of a Process Safety Management (PSM) program. A simple mistake has caused serious injury or even death too many times in this industry. It is important to improve the maturity of the industry by taking all the necessary steps to ensure personnel safety. Even incredibly intelligent individuals make simple errors caused by process safety ignorance. Please take the time to evaluate your Process Safety Management program or inquire as to how FBA can help in this incredibly important part of the process. Our fully developed PSM program is developed internally and customized to your plant.