Hemp & CBD Oil Extraction

Industrial Hemp is a rapidly expanding crop as a result of rising demand for Cannabidiol Oil - CBD oil, fiber and other industrial hemp products.  In 2018, the U.S. Farm Bill legalized the domestic production of industrial hemp. There are many varieties of industrial hemp with varying levels of CBD oil content, currently the main driver for industrial hemp production. CBD oil is known for its natural health benefits and can be taken internally or applied topically. Some of our associates are licensed to grow in the Mid-South region for research purposes.  We are actively involved in ethanol extraction to produce full-spectrum, distillate or isolate.

As the industry has exploded, so has the demand for services such as technical assistance with CBD oil extraction, In-House lab setup, food grade issues and safety. FBA offers decades of technical experience in extraction and processing. Our engineers utilize modern tools like AutoCad 3D to engineer high quality extraction facilities at the lowest possible cost. Take maximum advantage of the value chain and extract your own oil professionally and efficiently.

FBA has a food and agricultural processing background. We understand and can help with the following areas for CBD Oil Extraction:

  • Engineering – Preliminary and detailed engineering

  • Equipment – Identify and size new and used equipment

  • Lab Testing – Setting up and implementing new labs and testing procedures

  • Food Grade Status – Meeting existing and new regulations

  • Plant Safety – Setting up safety and training programs

FBA has experience inside operational CBD oil extraction facilities. As the industry expands and matures, the threshold for doing things right will become not only important, but mandatory. With FBA’s assistance you can set yourself apart by producing the highest quality product safely and efficiently, maximizing your returns in the process. 

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For a detailed description of services provided to the hemp and CBD oil processing industry, please contact FBA.